The primary mission of our school is to develop well-rounded students in mind, body, and spirit.

We have designed programs that promote our students' growth in each of these areas, as part of the school day and as optional extra-curricular activities.


Big Buddy/Little Buddy

The Big Buddy and Little Buddy program pairs kindergarteners with seventh graders; first with eighth graders; and second with fifth graders.  Older children share the responsibility of mentoring and spiritually guiding the younger ones, who in turn look up to the older students as role models in their journey at SFA. The connections made between older and younger children help the entire student body feel like a family - just one of the many benefits of our small size.



St. Francis of Assisi is home to the Pack 43 Cub Scouts of the Lincoln Heritage Council and several Girl Scout troops through the Kentuckiana Girl Scouts. Scouts work together on projects and service that benefit the parish and the wider community.  Participating in Scouts also provides SFA students the opportunity to try new things, build self-confidence, and reinforce ethical standards.  



The St. Francis "Cougars" participate in volleyball, contact football, cross country and track, soccer, basketball, swimming, tennis, field hockey and golf. The Catholic School Athletic Association (CSAA) sponsors SFA’s 14 teams and individual sports throughout the course of the school year. The SFA Athletic Program is currently coordinated and funded by the Booster Club, which means that students participate in all the sports they want with a minimal annual family fee. 

Our coaches participate in the national SportsLeader program which strengthens the connection between athletics, values, and virtue through specific activities for each of our teams.